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Study in Canada: Everything to know as an international student

What are the minimum admission requirements for Canadian colleges and universities? How can I get admission to a prestigious university in Canada? is studying in Canada worth it? These are some of the most frequently asked questions that our clients are concerned about. Generally speaking, in order to get admitted to a designated learning institute […]

Immigration to Canada: from Express Entry to Provincial Programs

Canada has turned into an ideal destination for immigrants all over the world. with more than 100 immigration programs that result in permanent residency, Canada attracts countless immigrants every year. These programs are designed to cater to Canada’s needs for skilled workers and to manage its population. Deciding on which immigration program is best for […]

Cost of studying in Canada as an international student

In order to better convey the cost of studying in Canada, we have used data gathered by Canada’s National Statistical Agency (Statistics Canada) to create two data tables. In these tables, we have provided information about the average tuition fees of colleges and universities in Canada as well as in each province. Average tuition fees […]

Denmark Green Card Scheme

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Danish Immigration Service and Danish Labor Market, has opened the new immigration for foreign skilled workers since May 2012. Denmark’s immigration policy utilizes a point-based system called the Danish Green Card to attract skilled workers from outside the EU. In addition, Denmark has a work permit system called […]

Canadian Visa Refusal: Reasons and Appeal

After weeks of waiting for your visa application results, getting a correspondence letter that states your visa application has been refused can be quite frustrating. What makes the situation unbearable though, is not knowing the reasons for your refusal. Even though you can find a couple of bullet points in your correspondence letter containing the […]

Study in Canada: Study permit, Requirements and Costs

Canadian Study Permit (student visa) 2022 Statistically, the approval rate for applications submitted in the past few months has been considerably increasing. Over the years, entering Canada for educational reasons has been at the top of the list, concerning the number of approved applications. It can be good news for anyone who dreams of studying […]

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