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Welcome to Visa Mondial

where we provide exceptional visa services with a personalized touch, ensuring a seamless and caring experience for our clients.

We understand that obtaining visas can be a complex and stressful process, which is why our clients often have concerns about meeting requirements, navigating paperwork, and meeting deadlines. Additionally, the constantly evolving visa regulations and policies can be a major obstacle in the visa application process.

At VisaMondial, our team of over 100 experienced professionals have helped over 11,000 people with their visa applications. We offer a comprehensive range of immigration services. Our main competencies include attention to detail, timely communication, and personalized care and support tailored to the needs of each client.

Meet our team

Our belief is that a company’s thinking and ideology originates from its managers. With the right mindset, the manager of a company can infuse the same values into the entire team. Morteza Hemapour, the CEO of Visa Mondial, has been a significant influence in this industry. He strives for nothing less than the success of his clients.

Visa Mondial

Our Leadership

Morteza Homapour

Founder + CEO

Masoud Homapour

Operations Manager

Our Managers

Babak Panahi

Babak Panahi is our Regional Director, bringing 15 years of management experience in the industry. With an engineering background, Babak is able to efficiently manage a large team of professionals. In his free time, he enjoys swimming and sightseeing, finding peace and relaxation in exploring new places.

Zahra Meraati

Zahra is our Manager of Customer Support, responsible for ensuring that our clients receive top-notch assistance and support. She has a passion for movies and is a big fan of TV series, using her free time to indulge in her favorite shows.

Sepideh Tavasoli

Sepideh Tavasoli is our Manager of Consultation team, with a decade of experience at Visa Mondial. She manages her team to ensure that clients receive the best consultations possible. Sepideh has a passion for fashion and loves to dress up for parties and dance the night away.

Delara Afraz

Delara Afraz is our Visa Processing Manager. She works closely with the visa team to ensure that all team members are delivering the best quality and quantity of work. Delara is known for being a caring and supportive leader, always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.
Outside of work, Delara has a passion for music and enjoys dancing. She finds that dancing is a great way to stay active and express herself creatively.

Elahe Morovati

Elahe Morovati is our Business Manager with a Master’s degree in Business. She is an expert at data analysis and uses her skills to ensure the efficiency of our team. Elahe is responsible for business planning and regularly reviews data to make informed decisions.
Outside of work, Elahe loves to stay active and participates in aerobics classes regularly. She also enjoys watching films, particularly those with strong storytelling and character development.

Narges Esfandiyari

Narges is the Supervisor of our Writing team, ensuring that all study plans and SOPs are carefully drafted before submission. As a mother of two, she values spending quality time with her family and enjoys creating memorable moments with them.

Amir Khosroshahi

Amir Khosroshahi is our Manager of Student Placement with extensive experience and deep knowledge of Canadian institutions. He enjoys mountain climbing and biking in his free time.

Sheida Fallahi

Sheida Fallahi is our Manager of Business Immigration Processing team. With her experience of living in foreign countries, Sheida has gained a deep understanding of the international business landscape. Sheida loves reading and is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge. She also enjoys traveling with her family and exploring new cultures.

Nima Maleki

Nima Maleki is our Admissions Manager, responsible for overseeing the Admissions team. Nima lives in Newfoundland, Canada and supports clients throughout Canada. He has a strong passion for the environment and enjoys spending time camping in nature. Nima believes that spending time outdoors helps him stay grounded and focused on his work.

Maryam Zakeri

Maryam Zakeri is our Manager of Skilled Immigration team. With her strong attention to detail, she ensures that all visa applications are accurate and complete. Maryam has a passion for food and enjoys trying new cuisines. She also loves watching movies and spending quality time with her family in her free time.

Mona Mozaffari

Mona Mozaffari is our Business Plan and Start-Up Visa Manager, with a Master’s degree and a keen eye for detail. Mona finds joy in helping people and is most fulfilled when someone receives their visa. Outside of work, she enjoys practicing yoga and meditation to help her stay grounded and centered.

Our Team

Siavash Samimifard

Tabassom Asgari

Zahra Movazeb

Amir Gholampour

Tandis Golkar

Fahimeh Azizolahi

Sara Jafari

Ali Keyvani

Maryam Kavousi
Soroush Nobari

Mohammad Hossein Khorami

Maedeh Moghadas

Amirreza Askari

Mahsa Maroufkhani

Faranak Yaghoubi

Simin Siami

Faranak Hamidi

Mojtaba Ahmad

Golbou Ashouri

Kamelia Nematian

Maedeh Ahmadi

Aynaz Sefidan

Mobina Kasaei

Ahamad Kamyab

Azadeh Boustani

Ramin Mirzaei

Sahar Jahangiri

Mona Vaseghi

Shadi Parvizi

Niloufar Jahan

Atefeh Jahanshiri

Mehdi Norouzi

Ghazaleh Bayat

Farnaz Hejazi
Mehdi Davarzani
Shirin Kazemzadeh
Omid Ostovar
Monireh Shirghasmi

Marjan Azodi

Sahar Farasati

Armina Haddad

Ghazal Moheb Ahari

Farzaneh Alavi

Fatemeh Karimi

Shirin Nezami

Gelareh Khademvesal

Nasrin Hassan Abi

Matin Khorami

Matin is our UX and UI expert, responsible for creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites. With his expertise, Visa Mondial has consistently had a great website. Outside of work, Matin loves going to the gym to stay active and enjoys traveling with his wife to explore new places and cultures.

Roza Rahbar

Farhad Najaflou

Tannaz Mollaali

Elnaz Vosoughi

Farzaneh Amani

Elham Pourramezani

Sepideh Mehran

Zahra Ahmadi

Tayebeh Motahari

Erfaneh Ashrafizadeh

Ghazal Bayat

Reyhaneh Dehkordi

Ayda Sefidan

Shayan Mahouti

Faezeh Bayat

Morteza Homapour,
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Morteza Homapour is an experienced Canadian immigration consultant with over 10 years of practice in immigration law.  He is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and operates under the regulatory body of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Additionally, he holds a Canadian education in this field and is a member of the legal advisory team for the Saskatchewan government.

Morteza Homapour is a well-known figure in the immigration industry with a wealth of experience in student placement and immigration counseling. Having traveled extensively to various immigration destinations worldwide, he has gained valuable insights that have helped him to improve the quality of immigration services provided to clients. Morteza is highly respected in the industry, with numerous publications including articles, podcasts, videos, and educational seminars on the subject of immigration.

First Who? Then What?

Consider who will be your partner before embarking on any endeavor. When it comes to migration planning, mistakes can be costly and have serious consequences, so it is important to be diligent and avoid making errors. Even Google recognizes legal services as “Your Money or Your Life” professions, and is constantly trying to eliminate unreliable websites from search results.

Note: “Your Money or Your Life” professions refer to professions such as medicine, law, or psychology that directly affect one’s life and provide services in exchange for payment.

The truth is, how often do we migrate in our lives that we can afford to make mistakes or errors?

Honesty with Customers: Our Foundation

At all levels of work, the consultants and employees of Visa Mondial uphold honesty and transparency as fundamental aspects of the ethical code. They consistently adhere to customer-centric professional principles. However, we are unable to aid individuals who are pursuing non-legal methods of immigration, or those who are searching for solutions outside the boundaries of the law.

Our Customers

Visa Mondial is currently serving applicants in India, Nepal, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Canada, and Iran.

With over 10,000 successful applications in their portfolio, Visa Mondial takes pride in their commitment to serving immigrants. The company always strives to provide top-notch services to its customers and constantly works towards improving them. The high satisfaction of customers with the company is a testament to its success.

Our Certificates

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